Jimin of K-pop boy group BTS has released his solo single “Promise” a lyrical ballad that is the first song he composed and wrote.

The song was uploaded on the music sharing service Soundcloud and BTS’ official blog for free download early in the morning of December 31, 2018.

This is a jacket image of Jimin's new solo song "Promise," provided by Big Hit Entertainment. (Yonhap)


Jimin composed the melody with producer Slow Rabbit and co-wrote the lyrics with his bandmate, RM, according to the song’s specification. He announced the song’s release on BTS’ official Twitter account. “You have been waiting a long time. My self-composed song is finally out,” the singer wrote.

“The song is for my own self, but it’s also for you guys,” he said, adding that “It’s my first song, so it’s far from perfect, but please do listen a lot.”

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Source: Yonhap News Agency