Over a year ago, THREAD by ZALORA Philippines featured BLACKPINK’s Jennie especially for fans having major girl crush sickness with her unique style.


In celebration of her birthday today, we just want to share the original article below and get to find out what fans have been loving about Jennie since BLACKPINK’s debut in 2016.


Jennie Kim, who debuted with the rest of Blackpink back in 2016, gave us major girl crush sickness with her unique style, killer stare and out of this world visuals. But she’s definitely more than meets the eye!

Get to know more about the rookie idol below!

1. She studied in New Zealand.

Although born in the province of Gyeonggi, South Korea, Jennie studied abroad in New Zealand at ACG Parnell College before coming to Seoul as a trainee in 2010. Whilst studying abroad, Jennie became fluent in English and even Japanese.

2. She’s called the YG Princess

Jennie was a trainee for five years and eleven months starting August 2010. Pre-debut, Jennie was featured in a couple of her YG labelmates tracks and music videos due to her unseen talent in singing and rapping. Jennie was in G-Dragon’s ‘Black’, Seungri’s ‘GG Be’ and Lee Hi’s ‘Special’ and even acted in G-Dragon’s music video for ‘That XX’. Thus earning her the title of YG Princess as it seems like the YG King, GD’s little sibling.


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3. The Human Gucci.


If V from BTS was nicknamed by fans as Gucci King, Jennie would be his girl group equivalent, as she’s also often seen wearing various apparel from the brand just like Taehyung.

4. She’s a mommy…


…to her two pet dogs, Kai and Kuma. She loves them so much she often mention them during broadcasts and livestreams!

5. She does yoga!

Jennie does anti-gravity yoga with her fellow Blackpink member Jisoo. The way their slender bodies are showcased through just natural light in the photos look almost too beautiful to look at!

Check it out below!

6. She’s the all-around member.

Jennie is the main rapper, lead vocalist and center in Blackpink. She often starts the song and will be seen leading the group in dancing and singing, although Blackpink does not have the leader they do definitely have Jennie as the center!

7. She’s breathtakingly beautiful.

Armed with good looks and talents to match, Jennie proves that Asian beauty shouldn’t be overlooked. Her killer stare and singing skills will slay us more in the years to come. Blackpink 화이팅!

Tell us all about your love for Jennie, Blackpink or even your fave Hallyu star below! God knows how much we love them. ❤

Source: THREAD by Zalora Philippines

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