Can you handle a possible collaboration between two gigantic international girl groups? Well I think you should because this may soon be happening, dreams are meant to be made into reality aren’t they?

It all started when a Twitter user asked Jade, one of the members of Little Mix if they could consider the idea of collaborating with another girl group. Little Mix expressed the wish to work with BLACKPINK by replying, “a BLACKPINK collab would be pretty amazing.”

Little Mix is a 4-member British girl group formed in 2011 through UK’s X Factor.

Fans are thrilled at the possibility of Little Mix x Black Pink collab, and commented, “BLACKMIX NEEDS TO HAPPEN,” “Yes please we need this collab,” “You got wonderful taste jade.”

This will be such a slay collab! When will it be please make it sooner please!


Source: All KPop

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