There are so many reasons for Blinks to celebrate as early as January 2019! 

Not only do its members have been attracting the attention of international superstars, they are also literally breaking down records and one of these is having the most viewed K-Pop music video!


Fans of BLACKPINK have taken into social media expressing their overjoyed emotions  to congratulate their idols. In case you missed the breaking news, “DDUDU DDUDU” has become the fastest K-pop group music video to surpass 600 million views on YouTube.

Check out some of their posts below:

This particular post is pretty cute and hilarious at the same time:


YouTube has also been flooded by thrilled fans! See their comments below:



And this one is sure to inspire BLACKPINK more:



700 billion isn’t that far away Blinks! Go for it! Ah yeah, ay yeah!

Cheers to more views and beyond! Watch the video more and more guyz!


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