Photo Credits: Cosmopolitan; Pinterest

BLACKPINK’s members continue to be catching the attention of international stars!

Just last week, it was reported that Zedd seemed to have enjoyed Jisoo’s recent cover of the famous producer’s song, ‘Clarity‘ during a solo performance at BLACKPINK’s concert last November.

And now, Lisa has captured the attention of American singer/songwriter/dancer Jason Derulo following her viral performance of a solo dance routine during BLACKPINK’s concert in Bangkok. Lisa danced to the hit song ‘Swalla’, which was a collaboration of Jason Derulo with Nicki Minaj.

In fact, the international star retweeted a post of Lisa’s performance that tagged him and Nikki Minaj.

As you can see on the Twitter post, the video already gathered 5 million in just a couple of days! Way to go Lisa!

Check out her super hot and eye-popping moves in the video below:


Sources: Koreaboo; All KPop

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