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Celebrities are certainly remarkable endorsers that cause any product they mention to sell out like there is no tomorrow. And sometimes even if they do not formally endorse anything, just by saying that they use it makes fans move heaven and earth to get a hold of what their idols are using.

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This is what happened to BTS’ Jungkook just recently. It was only an ordinary day that eventually turned out to be very extraordinary.

During a casual chatting with his fans on January 20, the Korean star mentioned he uses the fabric softener, ‘Downy Adorable’.


“I will go to bed after doing my laundry. I am very sensitive to scents, so I put a bit of fabric softener when I do my laundry. I use Downy’s Adorable or something like that.”


And then boom! The product went out of stock almost overnight! 

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KBS World reported that according to the company that produces Downy, “Two months worth of sales volume were sold in just one day due to a sudden flood of orders.”

The following day, Jungkook tweeted, “I almost used up my fabric softener, so I have to buy it again… but they’re out of stock. ARMY, you are incredible.”

The Twitter world also went crazy over the news. Check out the following hilarious posts:


So.. have you bought your own version of Downy? 


Source: KBS World

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