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On January 25, 2PM’s Junho released his second solo album, “TWO”. And it was a double celebration for Junho because the release date happens to be his birthday as well.

In order to give a very special treat for his fans, Junho was actively involved in the writing and composition of all the 12 songs featured on the album. 

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On the same day, TWO charted on iTunes in various areas that include Taiwan and Indonesia.

Another happy fact is that Junho shares the same birthday with Park Jin-young’s new baby girl! This calls for a third celebration guyz!

And here’s what JYP has to say about this momentous celebration:

It is a wonderful and wonderful fact that my daughter has the same birthday as Jun-ho! I’ve been looking for a long time, so I can speak with confidence. My friend who is so successful is still so humble and sincere … How beautiful and beautiful young man ^^ Please watch this album, the movie ‘Gimonbori’ and TVN drama ‘confession’ with interest. I would like to know how many young people are working diligently. 

Jun Ho, you are more than fated with JYP from your birthday. I do not think you will ever forgive your birthday forever. congratulations!! ~ JY Park


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