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On January 28, All KPop reported the announcement of Chouen Entertainment regarding changes in the current lineup of 24K.

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Cory is said to be leaving the group while Sungoh, upon returning from the army, has been writing songs for the next album of 24K.

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It is also uncertain whether Sungoh will be rejoining the group as a member.

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Read the full statement of Chouen Entertainment below:

Hello, this is Choeun Entertainment. We want to first say that 24U worked hard last year. First, we want to tell you about Cory and Sungoh. Cory is an original member who has been working hard as 24K’s leader and oldest hyung. Choeun Entertainment and the members are very thankful for his amazing work. However, our contract with him has expired, and we were thinking about what to do. Considering his age and various other situations, Cory and the label came to the conclusion that it would be better if he became a producer. We decided to respect Cory’s wishes of handing 24K over to a younger hoobae so he could focus on producing. We hope you continue to send support to Cory, who will come out with great music.

The following is about Sungoh, another original member. Sungoh’s enlistment recently ended and he came back to Choeun Entertainment. He is currently writing songs to be included in 24K’s next album. We will continue to talk about Sungoh’s future and let you know again.

Choeun Entertainment will work to invite the original members Cory, Sungoh, Kisoo to 24K’s future concerts as special guests so fans can continue to see them. We are seeing how 24K can become more global, and are preparing for their next album. We ask for your unchanging love and support, and 24K will be giving back to your support and promise to come back with better music.

We once again thank 24U for your support, and have a happy new year.


Cory Hong is the leader of 24K and has been the only original member of the act still active in the boy band after multiple lineup changes.

And here’s fans would have to say regarding  Cory’s departure from the group:






Sources: All KPop; Billboard

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