On February 1, All KPop spotted the recent record achieved by rookie boy group, ATEEZ, which has been raving the industry just over four months after their debut.

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ATEEZ has just reached 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, making them the fastest K-Pop group to have a massive increase of monthly listeners for January 2019.

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Their comeback title track, “Say my name”, has also marked 1.6 million streams on Spotify. Check out their music video below:

According to MTV, the milestones being achieved by ATEEZ is indeed a very big deal for a newbie group from a small company, KQ Entertainment.

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MTV argues that the “biggest hurdle for ATEEZ is that they buck the trend for groups formed through hugely successful survival shows, which give them a ready-made fanbase”. ATEEZ is persistent in building their fanbase from scratch, and though the group is more than equipped to rise through the K-pop ranks, one of its members, Hong Joong, is pragmatic about their future and potential for global success.

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Sources: All KPop; MTV

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