What could be a better title for a future hit than “No. 1”?

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Well, the one behind CLC’s album definitely deserves due credit.

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The Cube Entertainment girl group recently gained their first entry on Heatseekers Albums thanks to their album “No. 1”, which ranked at No. 19. The Heatseekers tally sees far fewer K-pop acts bow and CLC is the first K-pop girl group since Red Velvet’s RBB debuted back in December 2018, according to Billboard.

The same album also debuted at No. 5 on Billboard’s World Albums chart, the group’s highest entry yet. According to Billboard, CLC’s album sold 1,000 copies in the week ending January 31 based on the records of Nielsen Music, marking their best U.S. sales week to date. The same track is also the highest debut on this week’s World Albums chart.

Check out the music video of their single “No” below:


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