showo audio jockey
Photo Credits: WeHeartIt; Korea JoongAng Daily; All KPop; KPop Music; Soompi; pngkey

This coming March, a new type of radio variety program is set to be launched by tVn whose cast will reportedly be composed of Park Myung Soo, Sung Si Kyung, So Yoo Jin, Boom, and MONSTA X.

Photo Credit: All KPop


According to All KPop, the program entitled ‘Show! Audio Jockey’ will be combining radio broadcasting, real-time broadcasting, and variety formatting all in one, with a cast of audio jockeys who host unique, individual radio programs inside a moving, open studio. The broadcast of each AJ or audio jockey will be aired live through SNS platforms. The television broadcast, meanwhile, will combine the cast’s various radio content as well as behind-the-scenes stories.


‘Show! Audio Jockey’ will premiere on March 17 at 6:10PM KST.

See you there!


Source: All KPop

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