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Photo Credit: Loona Info

Korean girl group LOONA is currently making waves with their recently released music video “Butterfly” that is oozing with positive vibes of women empowerment.

Photo Credit: The Daily Dot

According to The National, the new music video has been widely praised by Loona’s fans for its diversity and representation since it shows women from varying life paths. Their video features a model with albinism as well as a representation of Muslim women in the K-pop industry.

Photo Credit: YouTube

I, personally, was also captured by this particular music video just this morning while it was inserted as an advertisement on YouTube. The synchronized and sophisticated dance moves along with the catchy tune have certainly blended well with the intention of the song.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Check out the music video below that has already gathered 8 million views after its release four days ago:


Source: The National

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