Kang Min-kyung from the female duo group Davichi is set to officially debut as a solo artist today.

images (21).jpeg

Photo Credit: Channel Korea

The solo debut album of Kang Min-kyung will be released this evening at 6PM (KST) on music websites.


Photo Credit: KPop Love

Perhaps many would be able to relate to the album’s title track titled ‘Because I Love You’ which conveys a story after a breakup.

The five-track album will be Kang Min-kyung’s very first solo album since her career debut 11 years ago. Fans will get to enjoy listening to the following songs: ‘At the End of Twenty’, ‘Selfish’, ‘Tell Me’, and ‘My Youth’.

According to KPop Love, Kang Min-kyung has proved her capacity as a singer songwriter by participating in writing ‘Because I Love You’, ‘At the End of Twenty’, ‘Selfish’, and ‘Tell Me’.


Source: KPop Love

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