The Philippines’ well-loved K-Pop star has done something again that definitely melted the hearts of Filipino fans.

Photo Credit: Candymag

The former 2NE1 member, Sandara Park, was recently spotted in the Paris Fashion Week with a popular Filipino product, Choc Nut!

Photo Credit: Yahoo! Philippines
Photo Credit: When in Manila


The Pinoy-at-heart K-Pop star shared her bag details in a YouTube video by Elle Korea last Monday and Choc Nut was adorably one of the surprises inside!

According to Yahoo! Philippines, Dara’s bag contained skin-care and make-up products but what really caught the attention of Filipinos was the small brick-like chocolate-peanut candy in her purse. Choc Nut is a popular snack that kids bring to school; it is readily available in corner stores and groceries.

Photo Credit: Gifer


Source: Yahoo! Philippines

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