The way it seems, the only constant thing in the world is change and our K-Pop idol Suzy may have wanted a change herself.

Suzy, Bae Suzy
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Yes my dear friends, it is true that Suzy has left JYP Entertainment and she has not yet confirmed if she would be transferring to another agency.

JYP Trainee
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The Korean star and actress began with JYP when she debuted with the girl group Miss A in 2010. Her exclusive contract with JYP will end today.

JYP Entertainment has released an official statement regarding this development wherein the agency described Suzy as a hardworking person with exceptional passion. Check out their statement below:

Hello. This is JYP Entertainment.

We are announcing that JYP’s exclusive contract with artist Suzy will end on March 31.

We have had thorough discussions over the past few months, and we came to the mutual decision to not renew the contract.

Following Suzy’s debut with the group miss A in 2010, she has worked her hardest in JYP while showing exceptional passion.

In 2017, her contract was renewed once through our mutual trust, continuing our special relationship.

We express our sincere gratitude to Suzy, who went through thick and thin with JYP for the long period of nine years from 2010 until now and provided the joy of growth together [with JYP].

In addition, we express gratitude to the fans who have provided generous love to all the achievements and challenges that JYP and Suzy have taken on together.

Although our official relationship has ended, JYP will sincerely cheer on the path that Suzy will walk down in the future.

Thank you.


Source: SBS; Soompi

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