Rookie boy group 1THE9 recently released teaser videos for “Spotlight” and “The Story” as part of the highly anticipated launching of their debut album ‘XIX’ on April 13.

Photo Credit: Hello KPop

1THE9 is a nine-member project boy group under the MBK Entertainment and is managed by PocketDol Studio. They were formed through the reality competition called ‘Under Nineteen’. Its members are Jeon Do Yum, Jung Jin Sung, Kim Tae Woo, Shin Ye Chan, Jeong Taek Hyeon, Yoo Yong Ha, Park Sung Won, Lee Seung Hwan, and Kim Jun Seo.

Photo Credit: Hello KPop

The group is under a 17-month contract which includes 5 months of training before promoting for 12 months.

Check out their teaser videos below:

Source: All KPop; Fandom

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