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As EXO celebrates its 7th year anniversary this year, the group will be experiencing a first.

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First means that the group will be having its first member to enlist in the military.

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SM Entertainment has announced today that Xiumin will be enlisting on May 7 to fulfill his military duty and here’s a sweet post of the EXO member for his fans regarding this development:

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Hello, EXO-Ls it’s Xiumin!

The flowers have been blooming beautifully lately. Have you gone to see them?

You can see flowers, the weather is getting warmer and yesterday was EXO’s 7-year debut anniversary!!

It seems like EXO was born at a very good time and I am so thankful to everyone and everything.

Congratulations to our members once again >.<!!

Actually, I’m writing this letter to everyone because I have something important to say. Military duty! I’m enlisting in the military on May 7!!

I plan to create a time for us to meet as soon as possible so that I can tell you directly, ‘I’ll come back healthy.’ We’re holding a EXO-CBX concert soon so I’ll be back after that. Please wait just a little longer^^

Let’s all work hard today too!

According to Koreaboo, Xiumin has been gaining attention for his personal reality series Sim For You and is expecting to hold the EXO-CBX “Magical Circus” 2019 – Special Edition in Japan later this month to meet fans.

Check out how EXO-Ls are taking the news of Xiumin’s forthcoming military enlistment:



Have a safe enlistment Xiumin!


Source: Koreaboo

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