While they may be temporarily out of the limelight due to the fulfillment of their military duties, Big Bang’S Taeyang and Daeseong still find time to share their music for a good cause.

Photo Credit: SBS

The Big  Bang members who are currently serving the military recently joined a concert in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Korea’s provisional government.

Photo Credit: KPop Herald

Taeyang  performed to the tune of “Ringa Linga” while Daeseong sang “Look at Me Gwisoon” that definitely made hearts happy.

“It’s an honor to take part in this meaningful event and also it’s so good to see you after a long while.” ~ Taeyang

Daeseong and Taeyang also danced, rapped and sang together for a medley of “Bang Bang Bang” and “Fantastic Baby.”

According to KPop Herald, the concert also featured other performers in the army such as Highlight’s Yoon Doo-joon and actor Go Kyung-pyo as well as guests that included Hong Jin-young, SF9 and Lovelyz.


Source: KPop Herald

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