What more can BTS ask for given the consecutive achievements of their latest track “Boy With Luv”?

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They would definitely appreciate receiving more and more love and support from ARMY worldwide as their recent blockbuster hit scored a perfect all-kill!

With reference to the global K-Pop language, a ‘certified all-kill’ means when a song has reached No.1 on all charts except the iChart Weekly Chart. A ‘perfect all-kill’ meanwhile means when a song ranked No.1 on all major real-time and daily charts including instiz’s realtime iChart and Weekly iChart.

According to All K-Pop, as of 7:30 AM KST, BTS’ “Boy With Luv” has hit a perfect all-kill. 

Photo Credit: All KPop

And by the way, this is already the group’s second perfect all-kill. Their first was with “Fake Love”.

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Way to go BTS and ARMY will definitely keep on loving you guys!


Source: All KPop

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