With just a blink of an eye, BLACKPINK has taken over the Instagram world.

Photo Credit: New Straits Times

Almost coinciding with Lisa’s feat of becoming the most followed K-Pop idol on Instagram is the latest record broken by BLACKPINK.

The fierce K-Pop girl group is now the most followed group on Instagram, dethroning the British boyband One Direction. Take note, they are the most followed “group”, which means that BLACKPINK is “THE” group of all groups as far as Instagram followers is concerned!


Currently, BLACKPINK has 17.2 million followers while One Direction has over 17 million.

one direction-instagram.jpg

According to All KPop, Directioners (One Direction fandom) have been cheering BLACKPINK although the girls have surpassed the record of their favorite boyband.

Plus! Harry Styles was even spotted during the recent concert of BLACKPINK in Los Angeles!


Source: All KPop

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