Do you remember when Jade of Little Mix said earlier this year that a BLACKPINK collaboration would be pretty amazing in response to a question posed by a Twitter user if they could consider the idea of collaborating with another girl group?

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It may not be possible at the moment but who knows in the future it could soon become a reality following their recent collaboration with British artist Dua Lipa on their hit track, “Kiss and Make Up” which became BLACKPINK’s first entry on the UK Singles Chart and debuted at no. 36.

And it may not only be Little Mix that could be in the works. Other UK artists could possibly fit in as well. This is based on BLACKPINK’s answer during their recent video interview with Capital FM’s Jimmy Hill when asked of their ideal collaborations with UK artists.

We love all British artists, like Rita Ora, she’s amazing. ~ Rosé


rita ora
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Adele! ~ Jennie


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It was also during the interview when BLACKPINK shared their thoughts on K-Pop which according to Rosé is very ‘out there’ and very experimental. Jennie also said that they think about the visuals just like everybody does but what makes people more interested in it is that K-Pop is different from how they do in the US.

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Catch their full interview with Capital FM on the video below:


Source: Koreaboo

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