K-Pop boy group Very Awesome Voices (VAV) is celebrating the birthday of one of its members today!

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No Yoonho, more popularly known as Ayno, the rapper of the group turns a year older and here are 23 fun facts about him:

1. As a child star, he was featured in various commercials.
2. He was also model.
3. He was a trainee for six years before his official debut.
4. He was a former Starship Entertainment trainee.
5. He could have been part of two other boy groups before debuting with VAV.
6. He was supposed to debut in the boy group Boyfriend but was deemed too young at that time.
7. Prior to he is debut as part of VAV, he joined ‘No.Mercy’, a survival show that resulted in the formation of Monsta X. Ayno was so close in winning the competition because he got eliminated during the 9th episode. The show had 10 episodes.
8. He joined VAV in early 2017 along with Ziu and Lou, shortly before the group had their comeback with Venus (Dance With Me).
9. He cried during the celebration of his debut in 2017 following an unexpected surprise letter from his parents who expressed how happy they are for Ayno.
10. He dreams of producing and training an idol group himself.
11. SF9′s Dawon and Seven O’clock’s A-Day (Hangyeom) are among his close friends.
12. He has appeared on MBC TV program ‘God of Creation’.
13. There are reports that he stands 6 feet tall. Others say he is 5’10”.
14. He weighs 63 kg.
15. In 2018, he released his solo mixtape called “Don’t Sleep” that features fellow member Ziu.
16. He writes, produces and does the cover art for his mixtapes.
17. Along with Lou, he also writes the rap verses for their songs.
18. He and Lou has appeared together on “Tour Avatar”.
19. He has 4D personality.
20. Fellow VAV members voted him as the cutest during one of their interviews.
21. His roommate is Baron.
22. His ideal type is someone like his hyung (Ace).
23. According to their manager, Ayno is terrible at winning games.


Happy Birthday Ayno! ❤ ❤ ❤


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