Ahn Hee-yeon is more popularly known as Hani from Banana Culture Entertainment’s girl group EXID and she is celebrating her birthday today!

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Hani is known for being pretty, smart and having one of the best bodies in the K-Pop industry all rolled into one. And as she turns 27 today, let us get to know 27 fun facts about Hani:

1. ‘Hani’ means ‘state of being like Hani’
2. ‘Hani’ could be used as pun in Korean because it could mean “Am I … ?” Or “Is she…?”
3. Among her nicknames are Brain, Honey, Mrs. Puff, Heroine, Ahn Hyung
4. She has an IQ of 145
5. Korean, Chinese and English are the languages that she can speak
6. She loves to read manhwa books and claimed to have read them for eight hours straight
7. She also enjoys taking selfies
8. She writes down daily notes including what she ate, her weight and mistakes her manager makes
9. She once dreamt of becoming a psychologist
10. She swims very well and used to compete in triathlons during her elementary days
11. She loves eating melon, meat and marinated grilled beef intestines
12. She also loves flavorful foods because she considers her sense of taste is more dulled compared to others
13. In spite of her sexy figure, she can eat three to four servings of meat on her own
14. She considers turquoise as her favorite color
15. She stands 5’6” tall
16. She weighs 50kg
17. Her blood type is AB
18. She can play clarinet and guitar
19. Her hometown is Seoul, South Korea
20. She has one younger brother
21. Red Velvet’s Irene is one of her work out buddies
22. Before debuting with EXID in 2012, Hani was supposed to be launched as a member of a girl group from JYP Entertainment but she was cut from JYP a year after 
23. She opted to study in China after her debut under JYP did not push through
24. Though she has never underwent any cosmetic surgery, she once considered doing her nose at one point but her mother was against it
25. Just last February, one fan experienced Hani’s kindness when the EXID member was told by an airport staff that she could not take the gift (a scarf) she received from her. Hani searched for the fan to just send it to her company and receive it there. (She is definitely as sweet as honey!)
26. When asked during a 2016 interview where she sees herself in 10 years, Hani said:

  ‘“[In ten years], I hope that I can be satisfied and not be ashamed of the life I lead. “Even after ten years, I hope that we could be as positive and bright as we are together now.”

27. During EXID’s guesting on ‘Weekly Idol’ in 2018, Hani answered ‘yes’ to a question: ‘Did EXID rise to fame because of Hani?’ This was due to the fancam video of Hani with her fellow group members performing their song ‘Up & Down’ that reached 29 million views on YouTube. Prior to the said performance, EXID was already three years in the industry and was gaining poorly unlike other idols.

 “I meant yes in the sense that it was a sign that we were making noise among the public. But I believe it was all of us who contributed to the rise of EXID. ~ Hani


Happy Birthday Hani! ❤ ❤ ❤


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