IU and Suzy are undeniably among South Korea’s most well-loved sweethearts.

iu suzy dream high 1
Photo Credit: Koreaboo

One special aspect of these two stars is their bond that makes any K-Pop idol wonder how they are able to keep it that strong through the years.

iu suzy 1
Photo Credit: Koreaboo

And it seems that they were really destined to be best friends. Both of them have similar birthmarks on their arms!

Photo Credit: Koreaboo

During one of the interviews of IU, she was asked what is IU to Suzy. Surprisingly, IU answered exactly the way Suzy said it in another interview. According to IU, she is a magnet because they stick together and drag each other around adding that Suzy is north while she is the south.

“Because we’re busy, we don’t get to see each other, but we contact each other very often to the point we say we need to stop because our fingers hurt,” most likely from all the busy texting! ~ IU

Check out one of their interviews together in the video below:


Sources: Koreaboo; All KPop

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