AB6IX is a 5-member rookie boy group signed under Brand New Music.

Photo Credit: KPop Map

Lee DaeHwi, Park WooJin, Lim YoungMin, Kim DongHyun and Jeon Woong debuted on May 22, 2019 with their title track ‘Breathe’ and debut EP ‘B:Complete’.

The group’s members are also not new to the industry. Members Lee DaeHwi, Park WooJin, Lim YoungMin, Kim DongHyun were part of Mnet “Produce 101” Season 2. Lee DaeHwi and Park WooJin were previous members of Wanna One while Lim YoungMin and Kim DongHyun were part of MXM. Jeon Woong was known to be ex-JYP and YG trainee.

AB6IX is an acronym for “Absolute Six” and “Above Brandnew Six”. This is a sweet gesture that the five members will be made complete by their fans, and that they will also be making new music that goes above what Brandnew Music has done so far.

Their official fandom name is called ABNEW .

And with just more than a month in the industry, AB6IX is already nominated for the ‘Genie Music Popularity Award’ and ‘Global Popularity Award’ in the first ever ‘M2 x Genie Music Awards’ (MGMA)!

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Sources: KPop Map; Gulf News

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