There was a massive show of support from a total of around 41,000 fans for “TWICELIGHTS” North American Tour 2019.

Photo Credit: Soompi

Tour dates, venues and number of fans who watched the concert:

  • 17 July – The Forum, LA (12,000)
  • 19 July – Mexico (10,000)
  • 21 July – Newark (11,000)
  • 23 July – Chicago (8,000)


Exclusive: TWICE Conquers The U.S. With Their Infectious Charm + Talent During 1st Stateside Tour
Photo Credit: Soompi
  • Performance highlights: Each part is themed around a particular color and a different concept

    Photo Credit: All KPop
  • Fans made a special gesture for Mina by changing the color of their light sticks to her typical color which is mint..

               **Mina who was not able to join the tour due to health problems..

  • The group’s new light stick (Candybong Z) allows fans to choose between a spinning wheel of TWICE’s official colors (apricot and neon magenta) or a different color of their choice, with each color representing one of the nine members.


The Hollywood Reporter: “K-pop fans gathered at Newark, New Jersey’s Prudential Center to take in a three-hour spectacle from Seoul superstars Twice”

Billboard: “In 2015, TWICE arrived on the K-pop scene and sold more than 6 million albums since their debut — but they have largely focused their touring efforts in Asia. This month, however, the “one in a million” girl group brought their TWICELIGHTS world tour to North America, showcased the diverse set of charms that have attracted fans from across the globe.”

MTV: “K-pop stars Twice brought a kaleidoscope of color, confidence, and pride to their first U.S. tour.”


Photo Credit: All KPop

Upcoming tour dates and venues:

  • 17 August – Kuala Lumpur
  • October – 12-concert arena tour through 7 Japanese cities that will kick off in Hokkaido on October 23


Photo Credit: KBizoom


Sources: Soompi; All KPop

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