Just as the news of BIGBANG’s scheduled performance in Coachella came out, DARAGON fans have been wishing, praying, wanting, hoping and tweeting that Sandara Park would watch G-Dragon and his team during the said event in April.

Photo Credit: Oh! Dara


One particular Twitter user even compiled pictures of Dara’s attendance to BIGBANG’s concerts as proof that she is indeed the number one VIP:

Another fan says that her heart will probably explode if Dara will truly watch BIGBANG’s Coachella stint:

This hopeful fan, meanwhile, is having such a good time speculating that Dara is already picking outfits for Coachella based on her recent OOTD posts on Twitter:

And this cute little forecast features a giggly Dara as if she is promoting the Coachella event on her personal social media accounts!

The hopes of Dara attending Coachella to watch BIGBANG comes amid the recent episode of Video Star that has all the more made #DARAGON fans in such an overflowing of happiness and heavenly mode. During the show, Dara called G-Dragon by his real name and fans were deeply thrilled!


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