So have you tried the #AnysongChallenge?

It all started on January 12 when Block B’s Zico posted a video of himself having a cool time dancing with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa to the tune of his latest digital single “Any Song” that was set to be released the next day.

And what happened next will always be part of a legendary history because it did not end up with Hwasa. Zico made several collaborations with fellow celebrities as well.

Check them out below:


Sandara Park

Seungyoun (UNIQ)

Kang Hanna


Other celebrities also did the challenge all by themselves!

Lee Hyori

Park Shin Hye


U-Kwon (BLOCK B)

Daehwi and Woong (AB6IX)


Crush and his dog Doyou

And the most exciting part is fans and netizens doing the challenge as well! See some of them below:

Plus! Here’s a special treat of Zico for his fans as he does his own challenge as soon as he woke up. And that’s what you call #WokeUpLikeThis challenge huh!

Can’t get enough of Zico? Check out the official music video of Any Song below: